Sharing (just a suggestion)

A dangerous word when it comes to fine handmade chocolate is the dreaded ‘share’. Personally, I’m always a bit slow to relinquish my grip on a box of special chocs when with others, preferring the tactic of simply waiting for them to leave whilst occasionally sighing, or yawning and feigning tiredness (even if it’s lunchtime) but that’s just my selfish instinct.

Anyway, should you want to engage in this reckless activity, we’ve made a treat for that very purpose:

'Sharing' box

‘Sharing’ box

This chocolate Christmas ball is filled with either Dusted Almonds, Marzipan, Marbled Mini-balls or Chocolate Coffee Beans to split between you and a loved one. As the shell split into two – you can always share the chocolate husk, if you’re feeling like it of course (not advised).

Oh and we can personalise the shell too – just so the recipient should feel special enough to share the spoils with you (advised).


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