Saddling up for Action

We love making things for good causes, so we were chuffed to be asked to make some chocolate diamonds for a 650-strong charity ball at the Hurlingham Club.

There’s a resourceful children’s charity called Action Medical Research ( hosting the gig – which has a distinct bent for all things cycling. It’s holding the third annual Champions of CycleSport Gala Dinner on 22 November 2012.

As it’s the charity’s diamond anniversary, nothing but diamonds will do in this case, so we’ve made them shiny sparkly chocolates – Sea Salt Caramel and Pink Champagne truffles to the power of 1300.

Making them, boxing them, tying pretty ribbons around them in time almost made us break sweat, but not enough to warrant donning lycra – so thank goodness for that.

In a flash of inspiration we neglected to take a photo or two of the immense beautifully wrapped chocolate mountain, so we’ve added a picture of the location – almost as sumptuous.

Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club


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