About Us

A love of craft, creativity and the act of scoffing delicious treats is behind Blowing Dandelion.

We keep it simple by making the tastiest, freshest, and most ethically-sourced handmade chocolate we can.

From the single-origin tips to the dainty paper base of the box, it’s fair-trade chocolate and sustainable packaging all the way. That means we care about our fresh ingredients: from finding the most sparkly crystallised ginger, to adding the zingiest lime, to the sweetest mango puree, we want you to enjoy every part of our products – after all, there’s no point slathering anything but the finest fillings in Madagascan, Satongo and Arriba chocolate is there?

Fresh handmade chocolate means just this: the fresh fruit chocolates don’t last long, so we make smaller to order batches and we don’t add sugar – you really don’t need to dilute the delicious purity of top quality chocolate.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been praised in all sorts of publications, from local press to The Sunday Telegraph, and from embassies (and yes, we did spoil people by making chocs for an ambassador’s reception), to weddings, to well, any kind of important event you can imagine. In any case, it’s all about whether our customers like what we do. Needless to say, they do. So we’re really pleased about that and that’s what makes us happy.

If you’re after any of our delicacies, just give Michaela a call on 07930156520 and she’ll take your order and get them sorted for you – from a humble salted caramel to a bespoke creation of your choosing, we’re all ears (and mouths) to getting your taste buds enlivened.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello Michaela
    You very kindly donated for cost the chocolates at our champions dinner last year at the Hurlingham Club. We have the event again and i wondered if you would be able to consider helping us again if we were to just ask for ONE chocolate per guest but pay the same amount to make it more worthwhile for you.
    What do you think?
    Please let me know
    Sarah Stevenson

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