Autumn heat

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As the leaves fall as fast as the temperature, November sees us getting all cosy and warm in the only way we know how: through the medium of tasty chocs. You can almost feel your eyeballs heating up just looking … Continue reading

Sloely does it

It’s that time of year again when Sloe berries are ready to be picked, squashed and infused with gin, and a onesey looks like a viable wardrobe option. We can only cover the first part of this warming equation with … Continue reading

Easter Eaters

Yes, it’s all about the choccy eggs now. These three were made to show what you can do at the workshop we’re running in Greenwich Market on the 30th March. From left to right: Crystalised Ginger in Dark Ecuadorian, spliced natural colours during … Continue reading


Some want the moon on a stick, others merely some fine chocolate on a stick. When that’s a cube of San Domingue 70% for dark and Arriba couverture for milk, this is a cup of serious winter escapism that’s well … Continue reading

Cannon fodder

The lovely chaps at Cannon & Cannon are now stocking some of our chocolates, so if you’re in the Brixton area and fancy some fine charcuterie, cheese or choc, they’re in the foodie-magnet of Market Row a.k.a. the covered area of Brixton … Continue reading

Saddling up for Action

Hurlingham Club

We love making things for good causes, so we were chuffed to be asked to make some chocolate diamonds for a 650-strong charity ball at the Hurlingham Club. There’s a resourceful children’s charity called Action Medical Research ( hosting the gig … Continue reading

Sharing (just a suggestion)

'Sharing' box

A dangerous word when it comes to fine handmade chocolate is the dreaded ‘share’. Personally, I’m always a bit slow to relinquish my grip on a box of special chocs when with others, preferring the tactic of simply waiting for them to leave whilst … Continue reading