You can get your mitts on our chocs easy-peasy thanks to our new, fully orderable website –



You can always drop us a mail at mishimishi@hotmail.com with details of the chocolates you’re after, or just call us on 07930156520: we love to talk choc. Michaela’s the best person to talk to when ordering – she designs, makes and packages them all.



5 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. Hi,
    I recently recieved a box of your lovelly chocolates from my mother in law on her last trip to london. I loved them so much I would like to order a smilar box for myself and my mother. Can you please help with this.
    Many thanks

    • Absolutely Amie. I’ll email you and you can let me know which chocs you’re after.

      Thanks for the lovely comments too – much appreciated!


  2. Michaela,

    I bought a box of 25 today at Greenwich Market. Sadly, they’re almost all gone! The rhubarb is so delicious.

    Thanks, I’ll be back for more.


  3. Omg! Chocolate heaven….I love coffee & brought some white chocolate coffee creams today & a couple of sloe gin ones for my husband….they disappeared pretty quickly!! Can’t wait to order some more.

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