Headline act

Just forgot to add a wee post about our ‘headline’ image, so apols about the lack of formal introduction. These are a Praline nut selection with whole nuts in – you know by now, we don’t like to muck about here. … Continue reading

Embrace the darkness

Yes, these Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels get a post all to themselves – no faff, bunting, or fanfare. Why? Because no one at Blowing Dandelion has got to chutzpah to say no to them. If there’s any molecule in your … Continue reading

All that glistens…

…could be chocolate. Diamonds may be forever, but jewels last at least five minutes – if they’re made from our Arriba and Madagascan coverture. Here we have Violet, Rose, Midnight Mint, Coffee Creme (and Praline coming soon) and they were a … Continue reading

Planet Choc

These wonders of the chocolate universe are really very popular indeed at Dulwich and Herne Hill markets – in fact they’re always received with Brian Cox-style enthusiasm. What’s more, almost all of them are on an ever-so-slightly tipsy orbit. In the (boozy) solar system pictured here … Continue reading

Just popped out for a…

month, so sorry we’ve not been around to fill your screen with chocolate-flavoured news.

Right, bags (and minds) unpacked and ready to get cracking in the kitchen once again. In fact, you never really switch the part of your brain off that seeks tasty treats, so we’ve been hard at work – if only in our heads dreaming of cocoa.

Well, news is, we’re at the almost brand – and definitely spanking – new Herne Hill market every Sunday now, so you can find us here for a dandiroon or two or our lauded dark chocolate salted caramel when you’re ready.

Herne Hill forum’s on the case with sorting it all and making it run nicely:


There are some lovely stalls there (and big thanks to stall holders themselves – we were made to feel really welcome – and full, thanks to some crafty food exchanges) and can’t wait for the coming Sunday.

Great to be back.

Crystal Palace Festival 2012

We had a cracking time at the Crystal Palace Overground Festival on Saturday. Here in the dingly dell of Westow Park, there was a truly wonderful buzz throughout, so thanks to all those who organised, volunteered, ate, drank, caroused and basically lorded it.

Crystal Palace Festival 2012

Blowing Dandelion’s head honcho – Michaela – in action at the fine 2012 Crystal Palace Festival

Hopefully they’ll be some pics of the whole shebang soon, but until then, our hats are sincerely tipped to the beautiful people of Crystal Palace.

Do us a favour

We’re just working on designs, textures and flavours for a wedding commission. It’s all wedding bells and whistles with these sample f(l)avours for them: Fresh Lime, Raspberry Bellini’s, Lemon & Salt, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Mango, Passionfruit, Rose, Champagne, and Dark Truffle.

Not only do we work the brief through our with our lovely client, we sample them to a blissful chocolate coma – picking shapes, fillings and designing the whole caboodle together (even the box).

We most defintely do.

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Postcards from the edge (of tastiness)

Chocolate Postcards Summer

Post haste

Yes, it’s Summer in Britain (excuse the oxymoron), so it’s best to commemorate the 3.4 days of smoking-hot weather and lightly smouldering skin by sending a postcard.

There’s a whole world of flavours here: Acai berry, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Cream, Honeycomb, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Ginger, Dark, Milk and White mix, Lime and Chilli – the list is many, varied and much better than a picture of a camel.

Enjoy them while they last.