Things We Like

This is the spot where we doff our little chocolatiers cap to all things lovely. We’ll get round to all the good stuff in good time: you simply can’t rush things like appreciation.

Volcano Coffee Works:

What do you need to know other than, yes please. As well as tentacles in all the fine locales, these coffee doyens do a fine cup just down the road at Bambino’s on Church Road in Crystal Palace.

Beamish & McGlue:

Worth a look just to see the beautiful packaging of all the top produce. That’s not to mention the fact there’s quite simply, a brilliantly edited selection of goodies.


A whole world of handmade bits and bobs to ogle and potentially get your paws on. We’ve got a little shop on there too, so always good to keep the palms greased (with cocoa oil).

Verdant Pod:

These bods make tasty twists on cocoa nibs (they flavour the smashed shards of cocoa bean). There’s nothing like them on the market too as far as we can tell – so good for them. They’ve managed an original cocoa product that tastes brilliant on ice cream, in dishes, or just (surprisingly) just gobbled as a snack.

Cannon & Cannon:

Firing on all cylinders, this neat little charcuterie is putting it British Charcuterie on the map, and of course happens to purvey the finest continental cured-produce as well. They’re in Borough/Brixton market, have their own restaurant and supply all sorts of discerning establishments.

They also stock a few of our chocs – of the un-cured variety of course.


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